Morning Has Broken

    Eleanor Farjeon

    Morning has broken,
    Like the first morning,
    Blackbird has spoken
    Like the first bird;
    Praise for the singing,
    Praise for the morning,
    Praise for them springing
    Fresh from the Word.

    Sweet the rain's new fall,
    Sunlit from heaven,
    Like the first dewfall
    On the first grass;
    Praise for the sweetness,
    Of the wet garden,
    Sprung in completeness
    Where his feet pass.

    Mine is the sunlight,
    Mine is the morning,
    Born of the one light
    Eden saw play;
    Praise with elation,
    Praise every morning,
    God's re-creation
    Of the new day.

    My Days Are Gliding Swiftly By

    David Nelson

    My days are gliding swiftly by;
    And I, a pilgrim stranger,
    Would not detain them as they fly,
    Those hours of toil and labour.


    For, oh! we stand on Jordan's strand;
    Our friends are passing over;
    And, just before, the shining shore
    We may almost discover.

    We'll gird our loins, my brethren dear,
    Our distant home discerning:
    Our waiting Lord has left us word,
    Let ev'ry lamp be burning.


    Should coming days be cold and dark,
    We need not cease our singing:
    That perfect rest naught can molest,
    Where golden harps are ringing.


    Let sorrow's rudest tempest blow,
    Each cord on earth to sever:
    Our King says, "Come," and there's our home,
    Forever, oh! forever.


    My God Accept My Heart This Day

    Matthew Bridges

    My God, accept my heart this day,
    And make it always Thine,
    That I from Thee no more may stray,
    No more from Thee decline.

    Before the cross of Him Who died,
    Behold, I prostrate fall;
    Let every sin be crucified,
    Let Christ be all in all.

    Anoint me with Thy heavenly grace,
    Adopt me for Thine own,
    That I may see Thy glorious face,
    And worship at Thy throne.

    May the dear blood once shed for me
    My blest atonement prove
    That I from first to last may be
    The purchase of Thy love!

    Let every thought, and work, and word,
    To Thee be ever given;
    Then life shall be Thy service, Lord,
    And death the gate of Heaven.

    My Soul, There is a Country

    Henry Vaughan

    My soul, there is a country,
    Afar beyond the stars,
    Where stands a wing'd sentry,
    All skillful in the wars.

    There, above noise and danger,
    Sweet Peace sits crowned with smiles,
    And One born in a manger
    Commands the beauteous files.

    He is thy gracious Friend
    And (O my soul, awake!)
    Did in pure love descend,
    To die here for thy sake.

    If thou canst get but thither,
    There grows the flower of peace,
    The rose that cannot wither,
    Thy fortress, and thy ease.

    Leave, then, thy foolish ranges;
    For none can thee secure
    But One, who never changes,
    Thy God, thy Life, thy Cure.

    My Span Of Life Will Soon Be Done

    Maria F. Cowper

    My span of life will soon be done,
    The passing moments say;
    As lengthening shadows o'er the mead
    Proclaim the close of day.

    O that my heart might dwell aloof
    From all created things,
    And learn that wisdom from above
    Whence true contentment springs!

    Courage, my soul! thy bitter cross,
    In every trial here,
    Shall bear thee to thy heaven above,
    But shall not enter there.

    Courage, my soul, on God rely;
    Deliverance soon will come;
    A thousand ways has Providence
    To bring believers home.

    Nearer My God To Thee

    Sarah Flower Adams

    Nearer, my God, to Thee, nearer to Thee!
    Een though it be a cross that raiseth me,
    Still all my song shall be, nearer, my God, to Thee.


    Nearer, my God, to Thee,
    Nearer to Thee!

    Though like the wanderer, the sun gone down,
    Darkness be over me, my rest a stone.
    Yet in my dreams Id be nearer, my God to Thee.

    Then, with my waking thoughts bright with Thy praise,
    Out of my stony griefs Bethel Ill raise;
    So by my woes to be nearer, my God, to Thee.

    There in my Fathers home, safe and at rest,
    There in my Saviors love, perfectly blest;
    Age after age to be, nearer my God to Thee.

    No No It Is Not Dying

    Henri A. C. Malan

    No, no, it is not dying
    To go unto our God;
    This gloomy earth forsaking,
    Our journey homeward taking
    Along the starry road.

    No, no, it is not dying
    Heaven's citizen to be;
    A crown immortal wearing,
    And rest unbroken sharing,
    From care and conflict free.

    No, no it is not dying
    To hear this gracious word,
    "Receive a Father's blessing,
    Forevermore possessing
    The favor of thy Lord."

    No, no it is not dying
    The Shepherd's voice to know:
    His sheep He ever leadeth,
    His peaceful flock He feedeth,
    Where living pastures grow.

    No, no it is not dying
    To wear a lordly crown;
    Among God's people dwelling,
    The glorious triumph swelling
    Of Him Whose sway we own.

    Now Thank We All Our God

    Martin Rinkart

    Now thank we all our God,
    With heart and hands and voices,
    Who wondrous things hath done,
    In whom his world rejoices;
    Who from our mother's arms
    Hath blessed us on our way
    With countless gifts of love,
    And still is ours to-day.

    O may this bounteous God
    Through all our life be near us,
    With ever joyful hearts
    And blessed peace to cheer us;
    And keep us in his grace,
    And guide us when perplexed,
    And free us from all ills
    In this world and the next.

    All praise and thanks to God
    The Father now be given,
    The son, and him who reigns,
    With them in highest heaven,
    The one eternal God,
    Whom earth and heaven adore;
    For thus it was, is now,
    And shall be evermore.

    Now The Green Blade Rises

    John M. C. Crum

    Now the green blade rises from the buried grain,
    Wheat that in the dark earth many years has lain;
    Love lives again, that with the dead has been:
    Love is come again, like wheat that springs up green.

    In the grave they laid Him, Love Whom we had slain,
    Thinking that He'd never wake to life again,
    Laid in the earth like grain that sleeps unseen:
    Love is come again, like wheat that springs up green.

    Up He sprang at Easter, like the risen grain,
    He that for three days in the grave had lain;
    Up from the dead my risen Lord is seen:
    Love is come again, like wheat that springs up green.

    When our hearts are saddened, grieving or in pain,
    By Your touch You call us back to life again;
    Fields of our hearts that dead and bare have been:
    Love is come again, like wheat that springs up green.

    Now The Laborers Task Is O'er

    John Ellerton

    Now the laborer's task is o'er;
    Now the battle day is past;
    Now upon the farther shore
    Lands the voyager at last.


    Father, in Thy gracious keeping
    Leave we now Thy servant sleeping.

    There the tears of earth are dried;
    There its hidden things are clear;
    There the work of life is tried
    By a juster Judge than here.


    There the Shepherd, bringing home
    Many a lamb forlorn and strayed,
    Shelters each, no more to roam,
    Where the wolf can ne'er invade.


    There the sinful souls, that turn
    To the cross their dying eyes,
    All the love of Christ shall learn
    At His feet in Paradise.


    There no more the powers of hell
    Can prevail to mar their peace;
    Christ the Lord shall guard them well,
    He Who died for their release.


    "Earth to earth, and dust to dust,"
    Calmly now the words we say;
    Left behind, we wait in trust
    For the resurrection day.


    Oh How Sweet When We Mingle

    Fanny Crosby

    Oh, how sweet when we mingle with kindred spirits here,
    And tell of Jesus and His love!
    When by faith we can see Him, and feel His presence near,
    And lift our longing souls above.


    We shall meet on the banks of the river,
    Happy, happy there forevermore!
    We shall dwell with the angels, and join with choral song,
    Our loved ones, loved ones gone before.

    We are pilgrims of Zion, though trials we must bear,
    Which all are blessings in disguise:
    Though the cross may be heavy, the crown we soon shall wear
    In Heav'n, where pleasure never dies.


    When we walk through the valley and shadow of the tomb,
    Dear Savior, Thou wilt be our Guide:
    And Thy smile like a sunbeam will light beyond the gloom,
    And keep Thy people at Thy side.


    Oh Let Me Walk With Thee

    L. D. Avery Stuttle

    O let me walk with Thee, my God,
    As Enoch walked in days of old;
    Place Thou my trembling hand in Thine,
    And sweet communion with me hold;
    E'en though the path I may not see,
    Yet, Jesus, let me walk with Thee.

    I cannot, dare not, walk alone;
    The tempest rages in the sky,
    A thousand snares beset my feet,
    A thousand foes are lurking nigh.
    Still Thou the raging of the sea,
    O Master! let me walk with Thee.

    If I may rest my hand in Thine,
    I'll count the joys of earth but loss,
    And firmly, bravely journey on;
    I'll bear the banner of the cross
    Till Zion's glorious gates I see;
    Yet, Savior, let me walk with Thee.

    O Jesus, I Have Promised

    John E. Bode

    O Jesus, I have promised to serve Thee to the end;
    Be Thou forever near me, my Master and my Friend;
    I shall not fear the battle if Thou art by my side,
    Nor wander from the pathway if Thou wilt be my Guide.

    O let me feel Thee near me! The world is ever near;
    I see the sights that dazzle, the tempting sounds I hear;
    My foes are ever near me, around me and within;
    But Jesus, draw Thou nearer, and shield my soul from sin.

    O let me hear Thee speaking in accents clear and still,
    Above the storms of passion, the murmurs of self will.
    O speak to reassure me, to hasten or control;
    O speak, and make me listen, Thou Guardian of my soul.

    O Jesus, Thou hast promised to all who follow Thee
    That where Thou art in glory there shall Thy servant be.
    And Jesus, I have promised to serve Thee to the end;
    O give me grace to follow, my Master and my Friend.

    O let me see Thy footprints, and in them plant mine own;
    My hope to follow duly is in Thy strength alone.
    O guide me, call me, draw me, uphold me to the end;
    And then in Heaven receive me, my Savior and my Friend.

    O Lord Of Life Where'er They Be

    Frederick L. Hosmer

    O Lord of life, where'er they be,
    Safe in Thine own eternity,
    Our dead are living unto Thee:
    Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

    All souls are Thine, and here or there
    They rest within Thy sheltering care;
    One providence alike they share:
    Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

    Thy Word is true, Thy ways are just;
    Above the requiem, "Dust to dust,"
    Shall rise our psalm of grateful trust:
    Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

    O happy they in God who rest,
    No more by fear and doubt oppressed,
    Living or dying, they are blest:
    Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

    O Love That Will Not Let Me Go

    George Matheson

    O Love that will not let me go,
    I rest my weary soul in thee;
    I give thee back the life I owe,
    That in thine ocean depths its flow
    May richer, fuller be.

    O light that followest all my way,
    I yield my flickering torch to thee;
    My heart restores its borrowed ray,
    That in thy sunshine's blaze its day
    May brighter, fairer be.

    O Joy that seekest me through pain,
    I cannot close my heart to thee;
    I trace the rainbow through the rain,
    And feel the promise is not vain,
    That morn shall tearless be.

    O Cross that liftest up my head,
    I dare not ask to fly from thee;
    I lay in dust life's glory dead,
    And from the ground there blossoms red
    Life that shall endless be.

    One Sweetly Solemn Thought

    Phoebe Cary

    One sweetly solemn thought
    Comes to me o'er and o'er;
    Nearer to my home today am I
    Than e'er I've been before.

    Nearer my Father's house,
    Where many mansions be;
    Nearer today, the great white throne,
    Nearer the crystal sea.

    Nearer the bound of life
    Where burdens are laid down;
    Nearer to leave the heavy cross,
    Nearer to gain the crown.

    But lying darkly between,
    Winding down through the night,
    Is the deep and unknown stream
    To be crossed ere we reach the light.

    Father, perfect my trust!
    Strengthen my power of faith!
    Nor let me stand, at last, alone
    Upon the shore of death.

    Be Thee near when my feet
    Are slipping over the brink;
    For it may be I'm nearer home,
    Nearer now than I think.

    On The Resurrection Morning

    Sabine Baring-Gould

    On the resurrection morning,
    Soul and body meet again,
    No more sorrow, no more weeping,
    No more pain.

    Here awhile they must be parted,
    And the flesh its Sabbath keep,
    Waiting in a holy stillness,
    Wrapped in sleep.

    For a while the wearied body
    Lies with feet toward the morn;
    Till the last and brightest Easter
    Day be born.

    But the soul in contemplation,
    Utters earnest prayer and strong,
    Bursting at the resurrection
    Into song.

    Soul and body reunited
    Thenceforth nothing shall divide,
    Waking up in Christ's own likeness

    O the beauty, O the gladness
    Of that resurrection day,
    Which shall not through endless ages
    Pass away!

    On that happy Easter morning
    All the graves their dead restore,
    Father, mother, sister, brother,
    Meet once more.

    To that brightest of all meetings
    Bring us, Jesus Christ, at last,
    By thy cross, through death and judgement,
    Holding fast.

    Onward Christian Soldiers

    Sabine Baring-Gould

    Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war,
    With the cross of Jesus going on before.
    Christ, the royal Master, leads against the foe;
    Forward into battle see His banners go!


    Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war,
    With the cross of Jesus going on before.

    At the sign of triumph Satan's host doth flee;
    On then, Christian soldiers, on to victory!
    Hells foundations quiver at the shout of praise;
    Brothers lift your voices, loud your anthems raise.

    Crowns and thrones may perish, kingdoms rise and wane,
    But the church of Jesus constant will remain.
    Gates of hell can never gainst that church prevail;
    We have Christs own promise, and that cannot fail.

    Onward then, ye people, join our happy throng,
    Blend with ours your voices in the triumph song.
    Glory, laud and honour unto Christ the King,
    This through countless ages men and angels sing.

    O Shepherd Of The Sheep

    Vincent S. S. Coles

    O Shepherd of the sheep,
    High Priest of things to come,
    Who didst in grace Thy servant keep,
    And take him safely home;

    Accept our song of praise
    For all his holy care,
    His zeal unquenched through length of days,
    The trials that he bare.

    Chief of Thy faithful band,
    He held himself the least,
    Though Thy dread keys were in his hand,
    O everlasting Priest.

    So, trusting in Thy might,
    He won a fair renown;
    So, waxing valiant in the fight,
    He trod the lion down.

    Then rendered up to Thee
    The charge Thy love had given,
    And passed away Thy face to see
    Revealed in highest Heav'n.

    On all our bishops pour
    The Spirit of Thy grace;
    That, as he won the palm of yore,
    So they may run their race.

    That, when this life is done,
    They may with him adore
    The ever blessed Three in One,
    In bliss forevermore.

    O That Will Be Glory

    Charles H. Gabriel

    When all my labors and trials are o'er,
    And I am safe on that beautiful shore,
    Just to be near the dear Lord I adore,
    Will through the ages be glory for me.


    O that will be glory for me,
    Glory for me, glory for me,
    When by His grace I shall look on His face,
    That will be glory, be glory for me.

    When, by the gift of His infinite grace,
    I am accorded in Heaven a place,
    Just to be there and to look on His face,
    Will through the ages be glory for me.


    Friends will be there I have loved long ago;
    Joy like a river around me will flow;
    Yet just a smile from my Savior, I know,
    Will through the ages be glory for me.


With Grace