Why Should We Start And Fear To Die

    Isaac Watts

    Why should we start and fear to die?
    What tim'rous worms we mortals are!
    Death is the gate of endless joy,
    And yet we dread to enter there.

    The pains, the groans, the dying strife,
    Fright our approaching souls away;
    Still we shrink back again to life,
    Fond of our prison and our clay.

    O, if my Lord would come and meet,
    My soul should stretch her wings in haste,
    Fly fearless through death's iron gate,
    Nor feel the terrors as she passed.

    Jesus can make a dying bed
    Feel soft as downy pillows are,
    While on His breast I lean my head,
    And breathe my life out sweetly there.

    Will The Angels Come?

    Fanny Crosby

    When I have finished my journey on earth,
    Ended my labor of love,
    When I am waiting for Jesus to say,
    "Haste to thy mansion above."


    Will they come? Will they come?
    Say, will the angels come,
    And to Jesus carry me home?
    Will they come? Will they come?
    Say, will the angels come,
    And to Jesus carry me home?

    When I am breathing my latest farewell,
    Parting from all that is dear,
    When on my pillow I wearily turn,
    Say, will the angels be near?


    When, as I gaze from the threshold of time,
    Fainter and fainter the light,
    Softer and softer the voices I hear,
    Bidding my spirit good night.


    Yes; they will come from the bright, sunny land,
    Come on their pinions so fair;
    Jesus will send them its glory to tell,
    Angels will carry me there.


    Will Your Anchor Hold

    Priscilla J. Owens

    Will your anchor hold in the storms of life,
    When the clouds unfold their wings of strife?
    When the strong tides lift, and the cables strain,
    Will your anchor drift or firm remain?

    We have an anchor that keeps the soul
    Steadfast and sure while the billows roll,
    Fastened to the Rock which cannot move,
    Grounded firm and deep in the Saviour's love.

    It is safely moored, 'twill the storm withstand,
    For 'tis well secured by the Saviour's hand;
    And the cables passed from His heart to mine,
    Can defy the blast, through strength divine.

    It will firmly hold in the straits of fear,
    When the breakers have told the reef is near;
    Though the tempest rave and the wild winds blow,
    Not an angry wave shall our bark o'erflow.

    It will surely hold in the floods of death,
    When the waters cold chill our latest breath;
    On the rising tide it can never fail,
    While our hopes abide within the veil.

    Winter In His Heart Of Gloom

    Winter in his heart of gloom
    Sings the song of coming bloom:
    So over death our souls shall sing
    ’Lays of the eternal spring.

    Then decay shall be no more,
    And, the weary seed time o’er,
    All the dead in Christ shall rise
    For the harvest of the skies.

    Wheresoe’er the faithful sleep
    Angels shall go forth to reap,
    From the dust and ’neath the foam
    They shall bring the harvest home.

    Bodies of the saints, whose bones
    Rest beneath sepulchral stones,
    Or are lost on every wind,
    All, those messengers shall find.

    All from earth to Heaven shall soar
    In that flesh which once they wore,
    Deathless now and glorified,
    Like their Lord and at His side.

    This is life’s eternal spring!
    This the coming joy we sing!
    Look we ever toward this day,
    Be it near or far away!

    ’Mid the sorrow and the strife
    ’Tis the music of our life,
    And the song hath this refrain—
    Our Redeemer comes again!

    With Firm Resolve I Held My Peace

    Samuel J. Stone

    With firm resolve I held my peace
    And spake not either bad or good,
    Lest I should utter sinful thoughts
    While wicked men before me stood.

    While I was dumb my grief was stirred,
    My heart grew hot with thought suppressed;
    The while I mused the fire increased,
    Then to the Lord I made request.

    Make me, O Lord, to know my end,
    Teach me the measure of my days,
    That I may know how frail I am
    And turn from pride and sinful ways.

    My time is nothing in Thy sight,
    Behold, my days are but a span;
    Yea, truly, at his best estate,
    A breath, a fleeting breath, is man.

    Man's life is passed in vain desire
    If troubled years be spent for gain;
    He knows not whose his wealth shall be,
    And all his toil is but in vain.

    And now, O Lord, what wait I for?
    I have no hope except in Thee;
    Let not ungodly men reproach,
    From all transgressions set me free.

    Because Thou didst it I was dumb,
    I spoke no word of rash complaint;
    Remove Thy stroke away from me,
    Beneath Thy chastisement I faint.

    When Thou for his iniquity
    Rebukest and correctest man,
    His beauty is consumed away;
    How weak his strength, how vain his plan.

    Lord, hear my prayer, regard my cry;
    I weep; be Thou my Comforter.
    I am a stranger here below,
    A pilgrim as my fathers were.

    O spare me, Lord, avert Thy wrath,
    Deal gently with me, I implore,
    That I may yet recover strength
    Ere I go hence and be no more.

    Within The Churchyard, Side By Side

    Cecil F. Alexander

    Within the churchyard, side by side,
    Are many long low graves;
    And some have stones set over them,
    On some the green grass waves.

    Full many a little Christian child,
    Woman, and man, lies there;
    And we pass near them every time
    When we go in to prayer.

    They cannot hear our footsteps come,
    They do not see us pass;
    They cannot feel the warm bright sun
    That shines upon the grass.

    They do not hear when the great bell
    Is ringing overhead;
    They cannot rise and come to church
    With us, for they are dead.

    But we believe a day shall come
    When all the dead will rise,
    When they who sleep down in the grass,
    Will ope again their eyes.

    For Christ our Lord was buried once,
    He died and rose again,
    He conquered death, He left the grave;
    And so will Christian men.

    So when the friends we love the best
    Lie in their churchyard bed,
    We must not cry too bitterly
    Over the happy dead;

    Because, for our dear Savior's sake,
    Our sins are all forgiv'n;
    And Christians only fall asleep
    To wake again in Heav'n.

    With Tearful Eyes I Look Around

    Charlotte Elliott

    With tearful eyes I look around;
    Life seems a dark and stormy sea;
    Yet, midst the gloom, I hear a sound,
    A heavenly whisper, "Come to Me."

    It tells me of a place of rest;
    It tells me where my soul may flee:
    O to the weary, faint, oppressed,
    How sweet the bidding, "Come to Me."

    When the poor heart with anguish learns
    That earthly props resigned must be,
    And from each broken cistern turns,
    It hears the accents, "Come to Me."

    When against sin I strive in vain,
    And cannot from its yoke get free,
    Sinking beneath the heavy chain,
    The words arrest me, "Come to Me."

    When nature shudders, loath to part
    From all I love, enjoy, and see;
    When a faint chill steals o'er my heart,
    A sweet voice utters, "Come to Me."

    "Come, for all else must fall and die;
    Earth is no resting-place for thee;
    Heavenward direct thy weeping eye,
    I am thy Portion; come to Me."

    O voice of mercy! voice of love!
    In conflict, grief, and agony,
    Support me, cheer me from above,
    And gently whisper, "Come to Me."

    Ye Holy Angels Bright

    Richard Baxter

    Ye holy angels bright,
    Who stand before God's throne
    And dwell in glorious light,
    Praise ye the Lord each one.
    Assist our song, or else the theme
    Too high doth seem for mortal tongue.

    Ye bless'd souls at rest,
    That see your Savior's face,
    Whose glory, e'en the least,
    Is far above our grace.
    God's praises sound, as in His sight
    With sweet delight you do abound.

    Ye saints, who toil below,
    Adore your heavenly King,
    And onward as ye go
    Some joyful anthem sing;
    Take what He gives and praise Him still,
    Through good or ill, who ever lives!

    All nations of the earth,
    Extol the world's great King:
    With melody and mirth
    His glorious praises sing,
    For He still reigns, and will bring low
    The proudest foe that Him disdains.

    Sing forth Jehovah's praise,
    Ye saints, that on Him call!
    Him magnify always
    His holy churches all!
    In Him rejoice and there proclaim
    His holy Name with sounding voice.

    My soul, bear thou thy part,
    Triumph in God above,
    And with a well tuned heart
    Sing thou the songs of love.
    And all my days let no distress
    Nor fears suppress His joyful praise.

    Away, distrustful care!
    I have Thy promise, Lord:
    To banish all despair,
    I have Thine oath and Word:
    And therefore I shall see Thy face
    And there Thy grace shall magnify.

    With Thy triumphant flock
    Then I shall numbered be;
    Built on th'eternal Rock,
    His glory shall we see.
    The heav'ns so high
    With praise shall ring
    And all shall sing in harmony.

    Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken

    Words by Jown Newton

    Glorious things of thee are spoken,
    Zion, city of our God;
    He whose word cannot be broken
    Formed thee for His own abode:
    On the Rock of Ages founded,
    What can shake thy sure repose?
    With salvation's walls surrounded,
    Thou may'st smile at all thy foes.

    See, the streams of living waters,
    Springing from eternal love,
    Well supply thy sons and daughters
    And all fear of want remove.
    Who can faint, when such a river

    Ever flows their thirst to assuage?
    Grace which, like the Lord, the giver,
    Never fails from age to age.

    Round each habitation hov’ring,
    See the cloud and fire appear.
    For a glory and a cov’ring,
    Showing that the Lord is near;
    Glorious things of thee are spoken,
    Zion, city of our God;
    He, whose word cannot be broken,
    Form’d thee for His own abode.

    I Watch the Sunrise

    I watch the sunrise lighting the sky,
    Casting its shadows near.
    And on this morning,
    Bright though it be,
    I feel those shadows near me.

    But you are always close to me,
    Following all my ways.
    May I be always close to you,
    Following all your ways Lord.

    I watch the sunlight shine through the clouds,
    Warming the earth below.
    And at the midday life seems to say,
    I feel your brightness near me.

    For you are always close to me,
    Following all my ways.
    May I be always close to you,
    Following all your ways Lord.

    I watch the sunset, fading away,
    Lighting the clouds and sea.
    And as the evening, closes its eyes,
    I feel your presence near me.

    Yes, you are always close to me
    Following all my ways.
    May I be always close to you,
    Following all your ways Lord.


    Lord of all hopefulness, Lord of all joy,
    Whose trust, ever childlike, no cares could destroy,
    Be there at our waking, and give us, we pray,
    Your bliss in our hearts, Lord,
    At the break of the day.

    Lord of all eagerness, Lord of all faith,
    Whose strong hands were skilled at the plane and the lathe,
    Be there at our labours and give us, we pray,
    Your strength in our hearts, Lord,
    At the noon of the day.

    Lord of all kindliness, Lord of all grace,
    Your hands swift to welcome, Your arms to embrace.
    Be there at our homing, and give us, we pray,
    Your love in our hearts, Lord,
    At the eve of the day.

    Lord of all gentleness, Lord of all calm,
    Whose voice is contentment, whose presence is balm,
    Be there at our sleeping, and give us, we pray,
    Your peace in our hearts, Lord,
    At the end of the day.

    Abide With Me (new version)

    Henry Francis Lyte / Will Henry Monk

    Abide with me; fast falls the eventide;
    The darkness deepens; Lord with me abide.
    When other helpers fail and comforts flee,
    Help of the helpless, O abide with me.

    Swift to its close ebbs out life's little day;
    Earth's joys grow dim; its glories pass away;
    Change and decay in all around I see;
    O Thou who changest not, abide with me.

    I need Thy presence every passing hour.
    What but Thy grace can foil the tempter's power?
    Who, like Thyself, my guide and stay can be?
    Through cloud and sunshine, Lord, abide with me.

    I fear no foe, with Thee at hand to bless;
    Ills have no weight, and tears no bitterness.
    Where is death's sting? Where, grave, thy victory?
    I triumph still, if Thou abide with me.

    Hold Thou Thy cross before my closing eyes;
    Shine through the gloom and point me to the skies:
    Heaven's morning breaks and earth's vain shadows flee;
    In life, in death, O Lord, abide with me.

    Silent Night, Holy Night

    Silent night, holy night,
    all is calm, all is bright,
    round yon virgin mother and child;
    holy infant, so tender and mild,
    sleep in heavenly peace.
    sleep in heavenly peace.

    Silent night, holy night.
    Shepherds quake at the sight,
    heavenly hosts sing alleluia
    Loud proclaiming near and far:
    'Christ, our Saviour is here.
    Christ our Saviour is here'.

    Silent night, holy night.
    God is love, Oh how bright
    shines the love on His holy face,
    shines the light of redemption and grace:
    Christ incarnate God.
    Christ incarnate God.

    Thank You Jesus, Thank You Jesus

    Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus
    Thank you, Lord, for loving me
    Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus
    Thank you, Lord, for loving me

    You went to calvary,
    And there you Died for me,
    Thank you, Lord, for loving me
    You went to calvary,
    And there you Died for me,
    Thank you, Lord, for loving me

    You rose up from the grave,
    To me new life you gave
    Thank you, Lord, for loving me
    You rose up from the grave,
    To me new life you gave
    Thank you, Lord, for loving me

    You’re coming back again
    And we with you shall reign
    Thank you, Lord, for loving me
    You’re coming back again
    And we with you shall reign
    Thank you, Lord, for loving me

    You Shall Go Out With Joy

    Stuart Dauermann (born 1944)

    You shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace,
    and the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you.
    There'll be shouts of joy and the trees of the field
    shall clap, shall clap their hands,
    and the trees of the field shall clap their hands,
    and the trees of the field shall clap their hands,
    and the trees of the field shall clap their hands,
    and you'll go out with joy.

    You are the King of glory

    Mavis Ford and Julie Sharp

    You are the King of glory,
    You are the Prince of Peace,
    You are the Lord of heaven and earth,
    You're the Son of righteousness.
    Angels bow down before You,
    worship and adore,
    for You have the words of eternal life,
    You are Jesus Christ the Lord.
    Hosanna to the Son of David!
    Hosanna to the King of kings!
    Glory in the highest heaven,
    for Jesus the Messiah reigns!

    Yes, God Is Good: In Earth And Sky

    John Hampden Gurney

    Yes, God is good: in earth and sky,
    from ocean-depths and spreading wood,
    ten thousand voices seem to cry,
    'God made us all, and God is good.'

    The sun that keeps his trackless way
    and downward pours his golden flood,
    night's sparkling hosts, all seem to say
    in accents clear, that God is good.

    The merry birds prolong the strain,
    their song with every spring renewed,
    and balmy air and falling rain,
    each softly whispers. 'God is good.'

    We hear it in the rushing breeze;
    the hills that have for ages stood,
    the echoing sky and roaring seas,
    all swell the chorus, 'God is good.'

    For all thy gifts we bless thee, Lord,
    but chiefly for our heavenly food,
    thy pardoning grace, thy quickening word:
    these prompt our song that God is good.

    Ye Servants Of God, Your Master Proclaim

    Charles Wesley

    Ye servants of God, your Master proclaim,
    And publish abroad his wonderful name;
    The name all-victorious of Jesus extol;
    His kingdom is glorious, and rules over all.

    God ruleth on high, almighty to save;
    And still he is nigh, his presence we have;
    The great congregation his triumph shall sing,
    Ascribing salvation to Jesus our king.

    Salvation to God who sits on the throne!'
    Let all cry aloud, and honour the Son;
    The praises of Jesus the angels proclaim,
    Fall down on their faces, and worship the Lamb.

    Then let us adore, and give him his right:
    All glory and power, all wisdom and might,
    All honour and blessing, with angels above,
    And thanks never-ceasing, and infinite love.

    Ye Holy Angels Bright

    Richard Baxter (1615-1691), John Hampden Gurney (1802-1862), Richard Robert Chope (1830-1928)

    Ye holy angels bright,
    who wait at God's right hand,
    or through the realms of light
    fly at your Lord's command,
    assist our song,
    for else the theme
    too high doth seem
    for mortal tongue.

    Ye blessed souls at rest,
    who ran this earthly race,
    and now from sin released,
    behold the Saviour's face,
    his praises sound,
    as in his sight
    with sweet delight
    ye do abound.

    Ye saints, who toil below,
    adore your heavenly King,
    and onward as ye go
    some joyful anthem sing;
    take what he gives
    and praise him still,
    through good and ill,
    who ever lives.

    My soul, bear thou thy part,
    triumph in God above,
    and with a well-tuned heart
    sing thou the songs of love;
    let all thy days
    till life shall end,
    whate'er he send,
    be filled with praise.

    Ye choirs of new Jerusalem,

    Ye choirs of new Jerusalem,
    your sweetest notes employ,
    the paschal victory to hymn
    in strains of holy joy.

    For Judah's Lion bursts his chains,
    crushing the serpent's head;
    and cries aloud through death's domains
    to wake the imprisoned dead.

    Devouring depths of hell their prey
    at his command restore;
    his ransomed hosts pursue their way
    where Jesus goes before.

    Triumphant in his glory now
    to him all power is given;
    to him in one communion bow
    all saints in earth and heaven.

    While we his soldiers praise our King,
    his mercy we implore,
    within his palace bright to bring
    and keep us evermore.

    All glory to the Father be,
    all glory to the Son,
    all glory, Holy Ghost to thee,
    while endless ages run.
    Alleluia. Amen.

With Grace